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Monday, October 13, 2014

First Timer at the Big Apple Festival!

Craft Fair Booth
Big Apple Festival
Cornelia, GA
Saturday, October 11, 2014

This was my first craft fair booth!  I had a wonderful time meeting lots of folks and selling some of my cards and paper crafting projects!  I had lots of help and inspiration from my darling daughter, Amanda Davidson.  I could not have taken on this project without her help!

Here is a list of the items that I had to sell:

Single cards-displayed on a wall of chicken wire and PVC pipe with cards held on with wooden clothes pins!  Thank you, Amanda, for creating this really cool way to display cards!

Notecard Box with Notecards-This was one of my most popular items!  Each handmade box held 4 handmade cards.  I stamped a variety of sentiments on label paper, cut out the sentiments, and put them in a plastic box with dividers.  Customers that bought cards chose the sentiments they needed/wanted.  The sentiments were free with purchase.

Cascading Cards--had lots of compliments on the cards, but did not sell a single one of these.

Card-in-a-Box--lots of compliments and sold some, too!

Bookmarks and Christmas Tags-another popular item, sold lots of these items!

Exploding Box--had lots of compliments and sold some, too!

Portfolio Notecard Sets--not as popular as the Notecard Box with Notecards, but did sell a couple.

What I learned...

*I plan to reorganize my booth so that it will set up quickly! I will always ask for help!  

*It was a great idea to buy a 'Square' to accept debit and credit cards!  I purchased the reader on Friday, worked through the process to register and get the reader to work.  The 'Square' provided a way for several of my customers to purchase more items!

*Took notes about what my customers asked for and I didn't have.  I will use this information to create cards for the next booth.

*Customers had lots of $20 bills!  Plan my change accordingly!

*I had each item in its own plastic bag.  This was a great idea because it was a rainy morning and the plastic kept the item dry.  I plan to do this every time.

*Wore an apron with pockets!  Great idea!  My iphone and 'Square' was always handy and safe.

*Have a buddy to watch my booth for a little while.  I didn't have time to walk the fair.

*Place like-items together with price on a label in front of the group.  I didn't have to price each item individually. 

*Have my business cards available for customers to take.  I did this and was pleased with the number of cards that were taken.

*I had a tent to cover my booth.  Next time, I plan to have a couple of tarps to hang on the sides, too.

I am sure there are more ideas and tips!  I am keeping a list!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pretty as a Peacock!

Melody and Amanda
Melody, my daughter's best friend, celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday.  I created an Exploding Box and Notecard Portfolio (with 18 cards) to celebrate!
Top of Exploding Box
The peacock and embossed surface are from the Cuttlebug embossing folder and matching cutting die "Persia"
The Exploding Box is created using DCWV Handmade Paper Stack.
I found this fabulous stack on clearance at Michael's Craft Store.
The paper has a beautiful color and wonderful texture and it was on clearance!
A cake embellishment pressed into a piece of dry foam is used in the center.  Small silk flowers are pushed into the foam with liquid adhesive.  Little gift embellishments are added.
Every side of the box is decorated with embellishments and/or sentiments.  DCWV Handmade Paper Stack is used for all layers.  Edges were rounded with a paper punch and inked with Tim Holtz Distressed Ink.  "Happy Birthday" is a Cuttlebug cutting die.  "50" is from a Sizzix alphabet/number set.
Notecard Portfolio
This is a notecard portfolio that I created to hold 18 cards.  I enlarged the original size and made a 'book' binding to hold the bulky cards and envelopes.  The top decorations are made using the Cuttlebug embossing folder/cutting die set "Persia", "Happy Birthday" is a Cuttlebug cutting die, and the name is made from Cuttlebug alphabet cutting die set "Olivia".
Open Notebook Portfolio
Back of Notebook Portfolio
Happy Birthday, Melody!

Follow the links for photos and step-by-step directions to both projects...

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Handmade Notecard Box

These handmade boxes were created using a project in CardMaker magazine.
The boxes are inspired by Noelle McAdams
"CardMaker Magazine", Autumn 2014, pages 44-45

The original measurements in Noelle McAdams project were too small for A2 cards with embellishments and envelopes.  I adjusted the measurements and added a step.  I enlarged the measurements to create a second box that will hold a Card-in-a-Box and a Cascading Card...with lots of embellishments!
This is a box with 4 A2 cards with embellishments and envelopes.

Directions for creating the Notecard Box...

Step one--Cut a 12 inch x 7 1/2 inch piece of card stock (the heavier the better).  For thin paper, I add a piece of card stock on the inside to make the box more substantial.
The paper is laying on a score board.
Step two--Score the paper at 2 1/2 inches, 3 5/8 inches, 8 3/8 inches, 9 1/2 inches.  Must be accurate! I have used a black marker to show the score marks for demonstration purposes only.   Tip--Make all score marks on the 'wrong' side of paper.  This will help to create the box with the desired side on the outside.
Step three--Turn the paper vertically.  Score at 1 inch on the left side (this is the bottom of the box).  Score the paper on the right side at 1/2 inch.  This is the top of the box.  I added this step to create a finished opening at the top.
Step four--Add a strip of 1/2 inch adhesive to the top of the box.
Step five--Cut along the score lines from bottom edge stopping at the 1-inch score.
Step six--add adhesive to the edge of the bottom flap of box
Step seven--turn the paper to the 'outside' and add adhesive to the two bottom flaps and along one edge of the back of the box (as shown)
Step eight--fold all score lines.  Be sure to fold the top score line, too.  I forgot to do it for the picture.
Step nine--remove the adhesive backing and fold the top down to form a 'finished' top.  Tip..I find it is easier to do this step at Step four.
Step ten--Create both sides of the box by adhering the pieces together as shown.

Step eleven--Bring the back pieces together.  Overlap the edges and press to adhere the double-sided tape.
Step twelve--Remove the backing and adhere the bottom flap to box.
The box is finished and ready to be embellished as desire!  Tip--If you wish to use thin paper, it is possible to make the box stronger by adhering reinforcement paper on the inside of the box. Measurements-(cut two) 4 5/8 inches x 5 7/8 inches.
The box is large enough for 4 heavily embellished cards and envelopes.
A set of A2 cards with envelopes and a Notecard Box to match!


Measurements for creating a Box that will hold a Cascading Card or Card-in-a-Box.  There is enough space to add lots of embellishments.

Step one--cut a strip of card stock at 18 inches x 10 inches.
Step two--score at 4 inches, 5 1/2 inches, 12 1/2 inches, 14 inches.
Step three--score 1 1/2 inches at left (bottom) and 1/2 inch at right (top)
Inside reinforcement for thin paper....(cut two) 6 7/8 inches x 7 5/8 inches

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everything is better with a bouquet of blue bonnets on it!

Cascading Card using silk flowers from Michael's Craft Store.  The paper blue bonnet flowers are created using a Sizzix metal die.  The butterflies are made with a Martha Stewart paper punch.  The topper is a Martha Stewart border punch.  The small yellow butterfly is a ready-made embellishment with 'pearls' added.  The blue paper is embossed with Cuttlebug embossing folder "Kassie's Brocade".
After researching the blue bonnet flower, I determined that this silk flower was very similar to the actual flower.  However, the color was not the blue that I needed.  I found this dye ink pad that matched the color perfectly!  I rubbed it over the silk flowers and like became a blue bonnet!
The Cascading Card is a very lovely and easy card to create.  A link for directions to create the card can be found at the end of the post.  To attach the flowers was the most challenging part of the card.  My husband taught high school floral design for many years.  He suggest that I use dry foam to attach the flowers.  You can see the foam being used on the card.  I will show you how I hid the foam in a moment.

The dry foam was purchased at Michael's Craft Store.  I used a knife to cut small rectangle pieces to hold the flowers.  

I pushed the stem into the small piece of foam and used a liquid glue to hold the flowers in place on the card.  There is a spot of glue on top to hold the stem in place.  Then glue is added to the side that will adhere to the card.  The stem is placed on the card, pressed in place for a few seconds, and then allowed to dry.
Tip...I am showing Scotch liquid glue, but I prefer to use Glossy Accents.  Glossy Accents holds stronger and catches the paper faster.  The card was actually put together with Glossy Accents (after I went to Michael's and bought another bottle)!
The paper blue bonnet flowers are created with a metal die by Sizzix.  I cut one green and one blue image.  Trimmed the 'blossom' pieces off the green.  Ran the clipped green image through the Xyron.  Then adhered the green image on top of the blue image.
Here is the finished flower.  I am using the backing from the Xyron to show the flower.  The finished flower HAS NOT been run through the Xyron.
The butterflies from the Martha Stewart paper punch are decorated with 'pearls' and then adhered to a very stiff piece of plastic.  The plastic is glued in place on the card.
To cover the foam, I pulled several flowers off the stem and glued them onto the foam.  
Another view of the card.
Back of the card.
Inside card.  Ready for sentiment or personal note.
SpellBinders Nestabilities 'Labels' were used to create the inside.
Card is laying flat, ready to be mailed.
The card will fit into a small United States Post Office Priority Box.
It should not damage the card to squeeze it a little flatter.  If enough glue has been used and the card has been allowed to dry, you should not have any pieces falling off/out.
Tip...before mailing or giving the card, turn the card upside down and gently shake it.  If glued correctly, nothing will fall off or out!

Here is the link for complete instruction for making a

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This is a test! I passed the test!!!

My husband and I are having a difficult time uninstalling a malware program on my Gateway PC!

The Gateway PC is the computer that I manage my blog.  I am using this post to find out if I can manage my post on the MacBook Pro.

Thank you for your patience as I try to post pictures from my Iphone by way of the MacBook Pro to my blog!

If this works, you should see a picture!


Well, that didn't work!  Off to find why!

2nd try...

That didn't work either!

3rd time...Success!!

Father and Son!
Son and Grandson!

Lots of steps involved, but I finally have discovered how to post to my blog using
MacBook Pro!  Now, to remember what I did!!  LOL!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cascading "Birthday Roosters" Card

I have been commissioned to create a birthday card featuring "kitchen roosters".  I used the rooster on page 77 from the Cricut Cartridge "From My Kitchen".  I cut the roosters in 2 sizes in three colors.

I used the Cricut Gypsy and Cricut Expression to cut the images.
I used the Cricut Gypsy design tool to flip the images.  All the images are layered on the 'shadow' cut.  The wing and top tail feathers are attached with foam double sided tape to give dimension to the image.  All the images were inked with Tim Holtz "Vintage Photo" distress ink.
The Cascading Card was created then the topper was added.
Instructions (link) for creating a Cascading Card can be found at the end of this post.
The topper was made using a Martha Stewart 'fence' border punch.
The sentiment was created by placing the letters on a piece of clear plastic, trimmed, and then positioned on the card front.  Two little chick stickers were added.

The large rooster was placed on the card using foam double-sided tape.
The remaining roosters and embellishments were added to balance the card.
Side view of card.
The other side.
The Cuttlebug "Birthday" cutting dies were used for the cake and gift.
The candle is another Cuttlebug cutting die.
Inside card.
Sentiment is computer generated.
Back of card!

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To create a Cascading Card, click the link for a tutorial....

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Card-in-a-Box "Celebrate USA"

"Celebrate USA"
A link to a tutorial for creating the Card-in-a-Box are at the end of this post.
View from the top.
Balloons are a stamp from DJ Inkers "Balloon Bunch"
Balloons were stamped and heat embossed with clear embossing powder.
Sentiment is from Close to My Heart "Card Chatter-Birthday"
Patriotic embellishment are from my stash.
Items are glued to strips of clear heavy weight plastic.
Front flap is created using patriotic embellishments.
Both side flaps are decorated with bows, a flag, and a red topper.
Image is computer generated.
Place for signage.
Border is from a patriotic strip.
Folded front of card.
Folded back of card.
Click the link for a Card-in-a-Box tutorial