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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Paper Rosettes!

I posted some cards on the Cricut Message board that had paper rosettes on them.  I was asked how they were made.  Here is a visual tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Making rosettes is so easy using the MS Score Board.

I follow these directions step-by-step and it works for me everytime!
**cut a strip of paper 12 inches X 1 1/4 inches (the rosette will be double whatever width you make the strip...experiment with 1/2 inches, 1 inch, etc).  This will make a 2 1/2 inch rosette.

**punch a 1 inch circle and put several glue dots on the paper (set aside)
**lightly tape two edges of the paper strip to the top of the score board (use removable tape, if possible, because you will be taking the tape off)

**score the paper strip at 1/2 inch intervels all the way to the end

**flip the paper over (keep the paper in the same position, just flip it over)
**then score the paper strip at 1/4 inch intervals all the way to the end

**by flipping the paper and scoring in the fashion, you will find that folding the paper IS SO MUCH EASIER!
Special word of caution here...the Martha Stewart Score Board has a slight gap between the left edge of the ruler and where the measurement actually begins.  Please make note of this, or your scored strip of paper will not be uniform!
**accordian fold the paper.  Note the circle with glue dots.

**I use 1/8 inch tacky tape on one end of the paper and press the other end to it.  Tacky Tape will hold the ends matter what!!

**lightly press the circle of paper down.  I lay the front side down and work from the back.  Work with the rosette until you get the folds in a circle that you like

**Hold the rosette in place and press the circle with glue dots over the center of the rosette.  Press this firmly and be sure you have enough glue dots to hold the center in place.

**Turn the rosette over and there you have it...a beautiful rosette to use as you like!

**decorate the center as you wish!


ddair said...

FANTASTIC directions! :) Thank you for taking the time to share this information.

Scrapper69 said...

Your cards are so pretty! I've been to lazy to make any rosettes... I just use the Tim Holtz Die cuts! LOL They are quick and simple to make just like making them yourself... You did a great job explaining the directions.... I bet you'll see lots of people making the rosettes now! :o)

Dayna Sabrina said...

I have tried to make these several times but can never seem to get the hang of it. Ridiculous considering how much I love flowers! I am going to have to try again after watching your tutorial.