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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July 2011 On-Line Cricut Circle Swarm Challenge #3

For Challenge #3 I created "Eggshell Ornaments".  Remember the eggshell projects of the 1970's?  I do!  I was required to make an eggshell box for a college art project.  I wish I had kept that little box.  I enjoyed the process of making the eggshell project, and thought I could use something similar for these ornaments.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for making "Eggshell Ornaments" using UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel).

I used Cricut Cartridge "Joys of  the Season" and cut 6 ornaments from a heavy, textured gold cardstock.  Three of these ornaments will be used for this project.  The other three will be used for Challenge #4.
**Collect eggshells, clean, and let completely dry.  I have had these eggshells for a long time.  They were prepared several years ago for a project.
**Assemble the equipment that you will need.   Prepared eggshells, UTEE, clear-dry glue paste, paint brush, clear pigment ink, heat embosser.
**Put one layer of UTEE on the back of the ornament.  This will provide stability and prevent the top layer from crackling.
**Using a paint brush, apply a layer of glue paste to the front of the ornament.  Coat the surface well, but don't make it too thick.
**Coat the back of the eggshell piece with the glue paste.
**Wet your fingers with water and press the eggshell piece onto the surface of the ornament.  Wetting your fingers allow the eggshell to release easily onto the ornament.
**Continue to add eggshells until you get the desired effect.  I use Tweezers and a awl to move tiny pieces of eggshell around on the surface of the glue paste.  There should not be any over-lapping pieces of eggshell.
**Let the ornament completely dry.  I left mine overnight. 
**Then begin adding layers of UTEE.  Rub clean, clear pigment ink over the ornament and sprinkle with UTEE.  Heat with the heating tool until all the embossing crystals completely melt.   I usually cover with at least 3 layers, but the more you add the thicker and richer the surface.  Be sure to let each layer completely dry before adding another.
**Before the last layer of UTEE dried, I positioned a vellum butterfly into the liquid UTEE.
**Add some gold Stickles and a have an "Eggshell Ornament"!
**But...there is more!  Even Circlets can become ornaments!
These little Circlets were made by Sandie O for table decorations at the Kentucky Meet Up!  I thought they would make a great embellishment for an eggshell ornament!


Nadia said...

Great idea, Carolyn. What a fun way to recycle!

cdm317 said...

These are awesome!

chignon said...

Those ornaments are fantastic with the egg mosaic! Great idea :)