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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pre Fall Blog Hop Project! "A YEAR OF NOTES!"

I had planned to use this project for the Fall Blog Hop tomorrow (Saturday, August 27), but I changed my mind.  I have another project for tomorrow!  I will use this project as a sneak preview of all the fabulous projects that will be available tomorrow!  I am excited about participating in my very first blog hop!

Now you can coordinate your note paper with the season!  Coupons fit nicely into these holders, too! 

The idea for this project came from "Mature Living" magazine (LifeWay), page 26-27, August 2011. The original project is by Emily Gordon, Lewisburg, Tenn.  She used her holder as a Prayer Wallet.  This is a variation of her holder.

Supplies needed:

**2 sheets 12x12 scrapbook paper of your choice.  Be sure your patterned paper is an overall design, not a directional design.  When folded the inside print on the note holder will be upside down!!  Don't use cardstock, it will make the folders too bulky
**Threaded sewing machine
**Bone Folder and Ruler or Score Board
**Lettering of your choice...I used a font from Cricut Cartridge "Nursery Rhymes"
**Images of your choice...I used images from Cricut Cartridge "Nursery Rhymes"
**Adhesive (very strong)
**Paper trimmer

Step-by-Step instructions and photos:

There are several steps shown in this photo.  The photo was taken AFTER step 6!
1.  Put the 12x12 sheets backsides together and stitch around all edges
2.  Score the paper on the side you will be using as the outside at 6 inches
3.  Turn the paper over and score 3 inches from each edge (at the 3 inch mark and 9 inch mark)
4.  Stitch along all the scored creases
5.  Measure and score on the inside at 4 inches from the bottom
6.  Fold the bottom four inches on the score toward the center on the inside of the holder and secure with a strong adhesive on the outer edges only.  I would not stitch again.  This could weaken the hold (too many holes)

Fold the project right sides together on the 6 inch score mark.

Fold the outer edges toward the inside of the project on the 3 inch and 9 inch score marks

Use a stong adhesive on the outside of the project in the inner fold.  I used Tacky Tape because of the strength.  Press the sides together.

I folded the note holder together  and adhered the ribbon across the back of the noteholder using Tacky Tape.  Then added the title and image.  You can do this in any order.

I cut 8  3/4 X 2  1/4 inch strips of scrapbooking paper to create the note paper.  I folded about an inch of the top down and adhered with tape.  I used some the scrapbooking paper that I would not use in cards and layouts.
Here is the inside of the completed project:
I used a one-way design on my printed scrapbook paper.  When I folded the bottom up, it caused the inside print to be upside down!  Use a patterned paper with an over all design!  I cut out some coordinated paper to cover up the upside down images!

Finished Note Holders

The idea for this project came from "Mature Living" magazine (LifeWay), page 26-27, August 2011.  The original project is by Emily Gordon, Lewisburg, Tenn. 


Sandy from Ukiah said...

what a GREAT idea.. i love it.

JustYolie said...

OMGoodness! At first glance, I thought they were made with fabric! These are wonderful! I'm your newest follower...when you get a chance, please visit my blog. I have a giveaway and

Mrs. Green said...

This is amazing. I would think this was awesome if I received it from someone! Great job!

Scrapper69 said...

Oh WOW Carolyn! This just looks amazing and your tutorial is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it! :o)


Inkyfingers said...

These notebooks are fabulous Carolyn and thank you for your detailed instructions on how to create them. The tree for your blog hop is wonderful too. I didn't know that the Cricit could cut shrink plastic!
Carol x