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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paper Quilling and "Joys of the Season"

Before I post an ornament that was made using an image from the Cricut Cartridge "Joys of the Season".   I want to tell you about a Paper Quilling class I taught today.  I had 5 ladies in the class.  The class was for beinning paper quilling and the focus was cutting paper strips, coiling, shaping, and creating a simple flower.  This is the finished flower from one of my students...
I think she did a wonderful job!

When I got home after the class, I thought...Cricut images...the negative images are perfect for using paper quilling coils!  I had a collection of white (and shades of white) coils that I made in the past years.  I cut the angel image from the Cricut Cartridge "Joys of the Season" and began manipulating the coils to fit the negative space.  The angel image is cut at 6 inches.

Here is the finished project...
Supplies needed for project...
*prepared quilling coils
*waxed paper
*strong, tacky clear glue
*tooth pick
*craft tweezers
*negative Cricut image (the larger the better)
*gold marker and gold ribbon
*gold cardstock
*quilling tool and white paper strips to create specific coils to complete the project
1.  Lay the Cricut image on a sheet of waxed paper
2.  Make a "puddle" of glue in one corner of the waxed paper sheet.  Use the toothpick to apply glue to the coil.  I found these "brush" toothpick several years ago.  They are wonderful for this project.
3.  Choose paper quilling coils to fit the curves and corners of the image.  Shape the coils to fit.  I found that if I glued the coils in place and let the glue dry, I could come back and push the coils back inside the image and add more glue.  This makes clean lines on the finished image.
4.  As you place the shaped coil on the waxed paper inside the lines of the image, put a fine layer of glue on the bottom and the edges of the coil.  Hold in place for a few seconds until the glue sets.
5.  I had to make several "peg" coils to fill in the space around the larger coils.  Use a 3 inch strip of paper to create the tiny coils.
6.  The gold shoes are "pegs" made from gold Stampin' Up cardstock.  The trumpet are two strips cut and curled, then glued together and attached to the waxed paper.
7.  Color the top portion of the ornament with gold marker.  Add gold trim around the edges of the ornament.
8.  Trim away the excess waxed paper.
9.  When held up to the light, the angel is translucent!
10. To finish the ornament.  Cut a reverse image, color with the gold marker and adhere to the backside...or...cut a solid ornament and adhere to the backside!  Your choice!
11.  Tie a gold ribbon around the top of the ornament and add some type of hanger.

Thank you for looking at my project!


ddair said...

Love the Angel. I've never "quilled" but I love the results. TFS

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