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Monday, November 7, 2011

Carolyn and Cheryl's Great Adventure...Day #1! Update

Today is Day #1 of Carolyn and Cheryl's Great Adventure!  We are going to the Lee Arrendale Georgia State Prison for women to conduct a 2 hour cardmaking class for 15 inmates.  Because of the generousity of several Cricut Circle members, my Sunday School class, the "Singing Saints", and other wonderful people, I will be taking a carload of papercrafting donations for the classes.

It is early morning right now!  Please keep Cheryl and me in your thoughts and prayers!  We want to be a positive influence in everything we do today, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week!   I will let you know more about our Great Adventure this afternoon...when we get out of prison! :0)


1:17 PM...What a fabulous morning!  Unfortunately there will be no pictures!  Cameras are not allowed!

There were 14 inmates in the class.  They were so appreciative of the workshop!  The goal of the class was to show the difference between a handmade card and a 'homemade' card!  I am happy to say they all made handmade cards!  All the cards were unique!  They are excited because the activities director told them they would work on the cards next week, too!

We had step-by-step directions for making a simple A2 card using assorted sizes of rectangles, ribbon, and sentiments.  I had them complete each step before going on to the next.  We made complete cards fronts which were then glued to the card base.

Cheryl, the activities director, 3 inmate helpers, and I worked the whole time helping each participant.  There was paper, ribbon, stickers, glue sticks, etc. all over the tables, but it all came together when completed cards were shown!

The girls were given instructions on how to use glue sticks...the correct way! :0)  No lumps, no bumps, and no wet spots!  They caught on quickly!  Because...they didn't want 'homemade' cards! :0)

The class tomorrow will be about the same size, but the learning level will be different.  We discussed our game plan with the activities director before Cheryl and I left.  We are ready to make cards, again!


JaniceA said...

My prayers are with you for a safe and productive day. I know these women will learn a lot from you two and even more than making cards. They will learn that someone cares enough to give them this opportunity. Make beautiful cards today. God Bless You!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

What a wonderful treat these ladies will have. Praying that you are received well and that all will enjoy what you are sharing. Thanks for doing this.

Bee said...

That is so awesome to read! What a great ministry! Prayers for the two of you and all of those involved. What a wonderful gift you two are giving these ladies. Keep up the good work!

Scrapper69 said...

This is wonderful Carolyn! Sooo happy everything went well and I hope tomorrows class will be even better! You're doing a wonderful thing for these ladies... HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you both for doing this for these ladies! You'll probably never know how far this blessing will go! Take care!!

QuiltFrog said...

So glad today went well. I am happy all of our contributions put a few smiles on the faces of these women.

Thanks for being willing to go in to help them.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What a great thing to do Carolyn... I will be keeping you and your friend in my prayers... Isn't it awesome to see God working.

Chriss America Real said...

Oh my gosh! Your post made me cry! What a wonderful use of your time!

I am a new follower, come follow me back if you get a chance.

Crafty Starkie said...

This is truly heart warming! I am so glad there are people like you that are such great examples on how we should all be!