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Friday, January 27, 2012

Separating Layers on the Imagine Cartridge using the E2!

This is the day that I decided to learn how to separate layers on the Imagine Cartridges!  I have an E2 (5th Anniversary Edition  Cricut Expression).  This Cricut Expression uses the regular Cricut cartridges and the Imagine cartridges.  There is a learning curve for separating the images on the Imagine Cartridges.

The first place I went for information was to Robyn (The Pink Stamper).  I watched her helpful video for instructions and was not disappointed!  I was able to separate the layers after watching the video one time!

Here is the link for watching Robyn's video "Cricut Expression 2 with Imagine Cartidge (Episode 274)

I do not have the ability to produce videos, but I can take pictures!  So, here is my version of separating layers on the Cricut Imagine Cartridges...step by step!

I will be using the Imagine Cartridge "Imagine More Cards", page 2, "Happy Birthday" image.
Place the cartridge into the slot on the right side of the screen.
Turn on the E2 and this screen will appear.
Click on the "Image" icon.
The images from "Imagine More Cards" will appear on the screen.  I will be using the first image "Happy Birthday".  In the top right corner is a drop-down bar.  Be sure "All" is selected.  You are going to be using all the layers of the image.
Touch the pencil icon in the top left corner of the "Happy Birthday" image.
This screen will appear.  In the bottom left corner, touch the icon that shows the little figure and the layers (layered).
Also, while at this screen, touch the "Size" button
The "Size" button will take you this screen.  Here you will turn-off the Real Dial Size (this is important).  Be sure the button on the left is green!
You will choose the size you want the image to be.  I am using 2.50 inches.
Click on the "Save" icon.
This will take you to a screen showing parts of the image layers.
Click on the "Save" icon.
You are now back to the screen where the images are located.  Notice the layers for the "Happy Birthday" cake are now located in the window at the top!

Now, we are going to get those layers onto the mat! 
But, first, we have to space the layers so that it will be easy to put the paper on the mat
To make paper placement on the mat easier, there must be breaks between the layers.  Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to do this.
Put the cursor between the layer.
Then touch the "Space" icon.  Do this between each icon.
This shows the "Space" icon in the window.
You will need to make space between the lines of icons.  Use the "Return" button to make the space larger.  I had to put use "Return" twice on this project.
This screen shows one "Return", but I used two!
This screen shows where the layers are located on the mat for easy use of paper placement.
Top left...white...3" x 4", pink...4"x 4", red...4"x 4", white...4"x 2"
Choose the "Cut" icon.
Press "Load/Unload" button.
Press the "Cut" button.
You will be given the opportunity to select the correct setting for cutting.
Press the "Cut" icon and let it go!  The light will come on and the Cricut does all the work!
Unload the mat.
Remove the border paper....and there you have the layers!  Ready to be put together!
The two base pieces are glued together.  The cake and icing are glued together.  I used a white Gel pen to color a doily under the cake.  Copics were used to color the candle.  A Zig pen was used to glue the candle to the cake.
A Cuttlebug embossing folder was used to create the background for the "Happy Birthday" Cake!
Dimensional Tape is used to give depth to the card and make the images "pop".  Ribbon and a sentiment were added....
Success!!  Two cards created using the Imagine Cartridge and the E2!
This is a "Red Velvet" Day!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog!  Please let me know if this post was helpful!


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Glad you did this.... I have played with mine but never cut so now I know how for sure. TFS

chasing keegan said...

I hadn't tried that either. You make it look simple. :) TFS

Rita said...

THANK YOU! This was one of the reasons I bought the E2 but it is still in the box.

JennyKozar said...

Thank you for those amazing instructions!!! I will have to try this very soon. Your cards came out just perfect.

Tammy said...

YOU ROCK Carolyn!

CREATIVE M said...

WOW! You did an AMAZING Job!!!Thanks for sharing and explaining all in details.

L.B. said...

I have not tried this yet...Thanks for the tips I plan on doing it soon..very nice card

Missy said...

I haven't tried this yet myself!! Thanks for the tips, and your card turned out great, I really like the pink, red & white!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Your tutorial was great! I received the E2 anniversary edition for Xmas but it is still sitting in the box! SIGH! I hope to have some time to play around with it! Great card too!

Diane Hodrick said...

I much prefer this to a video method of instruction. Fabulous tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to put it up for us!

Sis Patterson said...

Thank you, Carolyn!

I love your instructions and your project too! "Red Velvet" day really struck my funny bone. I will be coming to your blog more frequently!

Cindy Vernon said...

Very informative. I have an e2 but don't own any imagine carts yet but feel more confident when I finally do get one.

cdm317 said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I will have to try this now! I love these cards!

Maria Jhun said...

Thank you for the tutorial....I will try it....