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Monday, February 27, 2012

Easy Fan Rosettes!

Easy Rosettes made from a Chinese fan!
These fans are available at most Chinese restaurants.  They are usually very inexpensive and have wonderful colors and designs.  The paper is already folded!
Just score board, rulers, bone folders, sore fingers!
I pulled the edges of the paper away from the plastic holder.  Then cut the folded paper away from the holder at the base.
The edges were trimmed to create a straight fold on each side.
The folded paper can then be cut into the desired length.  I used regular sissors to cut through the paper.  The paper is very soft and can be easily molded back into shape.
The ends are glued together and allowed to dry.  I used Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive.
These rosettes form so easily!  It was like they couldn't wait to be a rosette!
These rosettes are staying in place without any type of glue!
They are simply laying on the table!  Isn't that wonderful!
This card was made using one of the rosettes in the previous picture.
This rosette was the first rosette I made using a Chinese fan.  I purchased the little metal fan at the same restaurant.  I found the Chinese character on the internet and colored a bird that I had in my stash to match the bird on the fan.
The completed card!
I plan to take this to the restaurant where I bought the fans!
I told the owner I would bring her one of the cards that I made using the fans.

Have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

Beautiful and what a clever idea using those little inexpensive fans!

My daughter loves room is decorated in Asian images. I think I will find some of those fans and make some decor for her room.

Thanks for the fantastic idea!


Cricut Couple said...

This is just TOO clever! Oh Wow! Love it!

Scrapper69 said...

Look at you! You are wayyyy to clever for me! I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing it with us! :o)

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Carolyn, that is so awesome.. you never cease to amaze me with your talent.. i love them, and i am sure the owner of the restaurant is going to be blown away... hugs

Nadia ( said...

I love the idea of chopping up those fans to make rosettes!! so clever and pretty! Gorgeous cards-- as always!

Josie0602 said...

Those are just stunning Carolyn! I really love the pink version! Its funny what our crafty minds think when we see items totally unrelated to crafting!


Kimberli said...

Those are so pretty, such a unique idea - thanks for sharing!!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These are great!

DIANA L. said...

What a great idea.


JJewel said...

Very clever idea!! Your one smart fortune cookie!

Mean Marie said...
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Annmarie said...

I love these! So beautiful and creative!

Missy said...

Oh wow the rosettes you made from the fan are so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

So glad I have a chance to post something about your idea, Carolyn! I've been meaning to do it forever. This is so clever!! I would have never thought of it. Easy and beautiful :)