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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cuttlebug Tutorial Part 3 "Using Dies"

This is a series of tutorials using the "Cuttlebug" by Provocraft

I am not employed by Provocraft.  This is from my personal experience and personal opinions.

The Cuttlebug is a mechanical method of embossing and die cutting.  It uses embossing folders and dies to emboss and cut images.
You will need a Cuttlebug die of your choice, plates that come with the machine, and paper.
The dies that I will be using are from a font set of dies from Provocraft "Olivia".
The dies have a metal side and a foam side.  Please note...the foam side has a sharp blade down in the foam.  Be careful!  You can cut yourself if you press too hard!
Always place the dies with the foam side up.
I will only be using parts of the dies.  I have cut the paper to fit the images.  Remember, the paper should be placed with the front side of the paper facing the die!
Create the 'sandwich'!  A plate, B plate, die/s, paper, and B plate!
Please note...the top B plate is scratched and bowed!  That is perfectly OK!  It is suppose to look like that!  I will keep using this B plate until it cracks or breaks!

Tip...when you open your new set of B plates, use one on top for embossing only and the other on top for cutting only!  I bought an extra set of B plates for that purpose.
If I were to use this scratched, bowed plate on top of an embossing folder, it could possibly put the etching onto my project.  So I have another B plate I use for embossing only.

These are images that I wanted!
However I need a couple more images.  So I will choose the images I want and repeat the procedure.
Now I have the images that I want!

Oh, I need one more...a button!
I used the same procedure as above to create the button. 
The die is from a Cuttlebug font set "Baby Face".  I cut two pieces.  Tied black twine through the holes and glued it to the black base piece.

There are hundreds of dies available for the Cuttlebug!
Companies other than Provocraft make dies that can be used in the Cuttlebug.
You will receive a handbook with the Cuttlebug.  It will tell you the 'sandwich' to use for each brand of dies.  A search on the internet will also give you ideas for using the Cuttlebug.
You are limited only by your imagination!

Have a wonderful day!
Comments are loved and appreciated!

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Lori said...

Just bought a cuttlebug and "played" with it today. embossing was no problem at all. Die cutting was another story. I don't have a rubber mat, instead I used the sandwich with the C plate. It was a tight fit, but it did go through. I heard a pop when it cut, but it left an impression on the acrylic plate each time. Is it supposed to mark the plate like that? If I had a rubber mat would it make a difference?