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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Inking with "Twistable" Crayola Crayons!

I attended a crop recently and was given this wonderful technique for inking!
My friend, M'Liss, showed how to "ink" paper projects using Crayola Crayons and cotton jersey fabric.
**A member of the Cricut Message Board, lylacfey, said the "Twistable Crayola Crayons" are best for inking because the wax is softer!  I did not know this!  Thank you for the information!
I make lots of cards!  I always have a stash of stamped sentiments ready to be used.  I stamp all my sentiments on white paper and then ink or color the paper to match the project.  The results are not always what I want!  Well, Twistable Crayola Crayons has solved that problem!  I did not want the stark white sentiment, so I tried M'Liss's technique...and it is fabulous!
The inking process is fast and there is no drying time!
All you need is cotton jersey fabric and a Twistable Crayola Crayon.
Lay the fabric flat on a firm surface. Start applying the crayon with some pressure. Make a blob of the crayon. See the picture. Put a generous amount of the crayon on the fabric. Then wrap the fabric around your finger and begin to ink the paper. I move the crayon coated fabric around on my finger until I have used up all the crayon.
If necessary, I repeat the process. You can use the same spot of the fabric, just add more crayon. I usually start a new crayon 'blob'. Then continue inking
**I used an 'off brand' crayon and was not happy with the results.
**Stamp'n Up Watercolor Crayons are fabulous to use!!
**Be sure to use cotton jersey doesn't absorb the wax of the crayon so it transfers to the paper easily.  I tried several different fabrics, but the cotton jersey works best.  The bottom smudge is after using inking.  The top is a spot ready to be used.
Home Depot sales a big bundle of cotton jersey fabric for around $4.00.
I am starting the process of inking.  As I use the color, I will move the crayon spot around on my finger.
Here is the finished product.  A darker edge can be created by rubbing the color toward the center of the sentiment and hitting the edges at the same time.  You might need to put more crayon on the cloth and go over the edges to get a darker color.
Another sentiment using red Twistable Crayola Crayon.
Card using the inked sentiment.  A stark white sentiment would not have been appropriate for the card.  I am so glad that M'Liss showed me this technque!
A 'Thank You' goes out to lylacfey from the Cricut Message Board about using the softer Twistable Crayola Crayons!
No fuss, no drying time, and Twistable Crayola Crayons are on sale right now!

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Nadia ( said...

Lovely technique.... and just in time for back-to-school sales prices in crayons! ;)

MLiss3 said...

You are such a wonderful teacher, Carolyn! I have had such fun with this technique. I do have to give credit though-to my friend Nancy Black who showed me at another crop! Thank heavens for our friends and their many talents.

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

What an awesome technique. I love the soft colors that this creates. TFS

Kim said...

What a great and inexpensive technique. Can't wait to pick up a new pack of crayons with back to school shopping! Thanks for sharing!

cdm317 said...

Thanks for this great idea Carolyn and M'Liss! I have to try it soon! Your card turned out beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Carolyn ... always fun to learn of a new
technique. barbara stewart

Hrvatica said...

Thanks for showing us this technique. Can't wait to try it.

Carol and Kaitlyn's Krafts said...

I am totally going to try this out...TFS!

Carol (Carol's Creations)

Michele Green said...

Cool, thanks!

Shelley said...

Carolyn, I hope you bring this with you to Waynesville in August. I can't wait to see it in action.

Sukie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this great technique. I will definitely be trying this one out!

Lori said...

This great! Thanks for sharing the technique :) you're card came out beautifully.

Scrapper69 said...

WOW! That's really neat! I guess I better go out and get some of those markers before all the crafters find out about it! LOL
It really gave your sentiments a marble look to me! :o)

Emerald said...

So wonderful sharing comes with crafting!
Your projects always inspire/enable me, you are appreciated.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I've wanted to buy those.. now I have an excuse!! :D