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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Crop and a Tour!

Yesterday was a busy day at our house!  Two of my paper crafting friends came for a full day of cropping (with entertainment)!  More about the entertainment later in this post!

Sandy and Cheryl are busy creating their first "Cascading Card"!  They are making a sample card with directions from an earlier post.  For directions and photos about making the card, please visit this link...  

Sandy is adding layers to the card.  

Sandy brought a Cricut Expression that was purchased at Michaels Craft Store for $50.00!  She was told the machine worked but it 'shimmed' when it cut.  I am not sure what that meant because Sandy had never taken the machine out of the box and tried to cut with it.  She thought I might be able to 'fix' the machine.  She was happy either way, because the cartridges, "Accent Essentials" and "Plantain Schoolbook"  were part of the deal!  These are worth $50...easily!

I plugged in the machine, set all the dials, loaded the mat, and pressed 'cut'.  It worked...well, almost!  It did everything, but cut!!  I tried several settings, but the machine would not cut.  So, I updated the machine through Cricut Craft Room  ...and like worked!!  My friend, Sandy, is a happy paper crafter!  She now has 2 great cartridges and a working Cricut Expression for $50!  Don't you just love a great deal!!  If you look closely at the first photo, you will see the Expression on the counter!

Cheryl is working on the base of the card.

Cheryl is not only my paper crafting buddy, but also my choir buddy!  She and I sing alto in the Celebration Choir and Singing Saints Choir at our church, Bethlehem Baptist Church  Cheryl enjoys cutting words and phrases with her Cricut!

Now for the entertainment!
Sandy waves from the back seat!

My husband has two antique cars!  The entertainment was a 'tour' around the community in his 1927 Ford Model T!  Joe's other car is a 1929 Ford Model A.  However, not only does he love to drive this car the best, it is the most reliable!!  I believe it would crank when all our other Fords couldn't!!
Cheryl smiles from the back seat!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!  


Erna Kemp said...

Of course you could fix the Cricut! Everyone knows it. How nice to have your friends over for a crop. We want to see the finished product though!
Love the old cars! A perfect scrapbook moment!

Diane said...

What a fun day!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Oh how fun is this.... I just love crafting with my friends and then to have a little entertainment, you have to love it!!!
Nice of you to be able to get your friends Expression working as she will really enjoy that and what a bargain! Thanks for sharing today.