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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Before and After--Decorating on a Dollar!

My husband and I recently bought this house as a second home.  Our son and his wife are expecting a little boy in October!  We live several hours away.  We purchased this house to have a place to visit for extended periods of time.  After purchasing the house, we were faced with furnishing it.  We were challenged to fill the house without spending ourselves into debt!!  This post is to share what we did to create a living space by decorating as inexpensively as possible!

Living Room...Before and After!
The before pictures were taken on our first visit to the house before we purchased it.  The pictures were taken to show the features of the house...the people are just for fun!!!
I begin with curtains and draperies!  You are looking at a pile of draperies that we purchased from 
684 Indian Springs Drive
Forsyth, Georgia
This is a warehouse that 'sells top quality hotel furniture from 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts from across the country.  No frills, no fuss, true ware house shopping!'
This is a great place to shop for excellent quality (slightly used) hotel furniture at a FABULOUS price!!  Dress comfortably, there is no air conditioning and the warehouse is huge!  Bring a truck or very large probably will not go away without buying something!!
After...The draperies are from Cash Liquidations.  One lined panel ($10.00 each) was large enough to cover one window.  I cut the drapery panel and lining down the middle and hemmed the edges. The drapery panel was too long for the window, so I cut the bottom off and machine hemmed it.  I saved the bottom section for another project! Top pleats and hooks were included!!  The chair and TV stand were family hand-me-downs!
Another window using the hotel drapery panel!  The large picture over the fire place was $10 (Cash Liquidations CL)!  The smaller items were brought from home!  The lamps, $10 each from CL.  We did have to buy a few pieces of furniture.  The coffee table was from... 
Another warehouse shopping experience...totally different!  All the furniture is in boxes and you have to put it together!  However, we found this coffee table in the clearance area, already put together!  Another great bargain for our house!
When visiting IKEA, dress comfortably, bring a large vehicle, and plan to spend hours shopping!
The couch and chair are new from...
Great price...both pieces were a set!!

After...Leather recliner was a family hand-me-down!  Sofa throw was $5 at a thrift store!

Before...Master Bedroom
After...I'm sorry it is so dark!
The king size headboard is from CL ($79), Lamps $10 each (CL), side tables from (CL), drapery panels ($19 each) CL.
One drapery panel was cut down the middle, hemmed and used for a window.  These drapery panel had 'black out' liners.  I removed the liner and used the fabric only.  The liner was not in very good condition and was very heavy.  The sheer curtain and drapery fabric works fine for this room.  The barrel chair and floor lamp is from CL.
The chest of drawers is from CL ($99).  The piece if extremely heavy.  The drawers glide in and out, but the top is slightly damaged.  The mirror and lamp is from CL.
Note the long wooden box on top of the dresser.  It is from World Market.  The box is used to hold various electronic devices that need to be charged.  The box hides a surge protector with small holes for the cords to come through.  Neat device to keep cords and devices in one place!  I got it on clearance for $10!
I really must close from now!  Please come back tomorrow to see what we have done with the kitchen!

Click this link for Part 2...


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow look at this! I should have learned about all these places before I went shopping to fill my home.... some great bargains that look wonderful. And how nice to have a place clos to your children. Thanks for sharing.

Susie Craft Happy! said...

Wow! You really did a great job and all on a very reasonable budget. Best wishes to you all!


Cyndi said...

What a great job! Cash Liquidations is one of my favorite places. We did our whole office from there and WOW! We saved some money! Your home looks so comfy!

DIANA L. said...

Great redo. Loved seeing all the creativity in choosing the inexpensive items

cdm317 said...

Can you please come and help me re-design my house? :)
Everything looks fantastic! Congrats on your new home and I wish you many happy days spent with your Grandson there!

Hrvatica said...

Fantastic job decorating on a budget!

Debbie O'Neal said...

My gosh have done fabulously on your budget decorating ! And congrats on your upcoming new grand baby too !

Francine said...

You have done an absolutely fabulous job! Can't wait to see the kitchen!

Jodie R said...

Amazing job!! I am so impressed with your drapes!! The furniture is awesome too!

Donna Boyce said...

You did an awesome job!! I think that it will be a great place for you to visit with you new grandbaby!!