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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cricut Cartridge "Pooh Font", Cricut Markers and Gel Pens!

I am the featured designer on "She's a Sassy Lady" Blog today!  I will be showing the steps for using the Cricut Markers and Gel Pens with the Cricut Expression and Gypsy as a tutorial.
She's a Sassy Lady!  (will post at 6:30 AM Central/7:30 AM Eastern)
I was recently gifted with two Disney cartridges.  Today's post uses the Disney Cartridge "Pooh Font".  There are 3 different fonts and several images of Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Tigger, and Piglet as infants.  I have created the images using the Cricut Expression, Cricut Gypsy, Cricut Markers and Gel Pens.  This post shows the steps used to create images using the markers and pens.
The cartridge was linked to the Cricut Gypsy.  All the layers of each image were placed together on a 12x12 design mat.  The images were enlarged until all the space was used.
The blade holder was removed and a Cricut Marker was installed in the machine.  The images were drawn on card stock.  There are suggested speed, pressure, and depth numbers to be used with the Cricut Markers,  but I used the numbers that were suggested for the card stock.
After the images were drawn, I put a piece of scrap paper under the marker.  The marker was removed and the blade holder was installed.  The piece of scrap paper prevented stray marks on the paper.
To use the markers and pens with the Expression and Gypsy, it is very important the mat does not unload until the images have been drawn and cut.  After the drawing is complete, choose 'RETURN TO DESIGN'.  This will take the screen back to the 'cut' screen.  Change out the marker for the blade.  Then press the 'cut' image again.
If all steps have been completed, the blade will return to beginning of the images.  Press the 'cut' blade and the images will be cut!
These images were cut using the Cricut Markers.
Follow the same steps for the Cricut Gel Pens.  
These pens have a holder.  The pens are magnetized and slip inside the holder.  The holder is inserted into the housing.
 These images were drawn with the Gel Pens.  Notice that I have cut all the layers from the same color card stock.  
To create the colored layers, I return to the original Gypsy screen and remove the larger images.  I leave the images that need to be cut from colored paper. The colored paper is put on the mat to match the screen.   I manipulate the images for ease in cutting out the small pieces.**Important Tip**...Don't save this screen, unless you rename it!!  If this screen is saved without renaming, it will erase the full screen of all the layers.
This photo shows Pooh before the layers are adhered together.  Using all the layers gives depth to the image.
Friends waiting to be finished!
The top layer of the image has all the layers of the image.  The bottom layer is attached with dimensional foam tape.  Notice the shine on the image.  Before attaching the bottom layer, both pieces were laminated using the Provocraft "Your Story".**Tip** The "Your Story" laminating machine did not laminate the top layered piece very well.  I had to use glue dots to adhere the plastic to the image.  There doesn't seem to be enough pressure or heat to fuse the piece with layers.  However, the bottom, single layer piece laminated very well.
The image on the left was created using the Cricut Gel Pens.  The image on the right was created using the Cricut Markers.
Pen used on left, marker used on the right!
Pooh Bear and friends waiting to play!


Boopster said...

This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it. I have many questions, though, so will be asking those offline. SO cute!

byAnnette said...

Thanks for step by step!
I'll have to try it with my Pooh cartridge

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Wow what a difference it makes to use the markers! I used mine or lettersbefore and that turned out wonderful but never thought of using them for little characters and critters... AWESOME IDEA. Thanks for sharing today at She's A Sassy Lady.

Diane said...

All of them turned out so cute! May have to get some of these markers!\


Francine said...

Adorable Carolyn! I did something similar with SpongeBob for my granddaughter last summer. I used my Imagine vs markers, but they turned out great as I made them into a puppet theater for her.

Susie Craft Happy! said...

So cute! They turned out great!!!


Ladybug said...

Very cute, Carolyn! Love the combo of the pens and the layers. TFS! :-)

A Hernandez said...

Im confused...When you pressed cut again, did you cut all the detail that the marker drew? On the first tigger ( upper left) it looks like it just cut the outside layer. Did you change the image after switching to the blade? Thanks!

Carolyn Lineberger said...

Yes, you will cut back over the lines that were drawn by the markers/pens. As long as you do not remove the mat from the machine. When you press cut again, it will take it back to the original starting point. Then cut again. This will let the blade trace the outline of the markers. It doesn't matter if you cut first and use the markers/pens second or vise versa...just as long as you keep the mat in the same position.

Debra Lovell said...

Thanks so much for the help! Im not very good with my cricut or gypsy,it helps with someone whos been there ans knows how to do it...I appreciate you!

Carolyn Lineberger said...

Debra, the Gypsy is my Cricut's best friend! :0) If you need some help, "She's a Sassy Lady" blog has a section of videos designed to show you how to use the Gypsy. Shelia is great! Here's the link, I hope it works...

Mrs. Houston said...

I really love this. I use markers and pens as well. Love how much more detailed the projects look! Great job!!!! :)

patricia McCarthy said...

Can you do this with cricut expression? I just started using craft room. Love this technique

Carolyn Lineberger said...

Yes, Patricia, you can do this with the Expression. I was using the original Expression when I made these pictures. The technique is the same for the Personal Cricut and the Create. I have the Expression2 and have used the markers/pens with the help of the Gypsy. I have used the pens/markers with the Cricut Mini, too. In all instances the most critical step is to not unload the mat until the both steps (drawing and cutting) is completed.

Grace Baxter said...

So cute! I love how all your Pooh characters turned out. I hardly ever use my Cricut pens as I haven't had much luck with them. Maybe I should give them another try. TFS.

Charlotte C said...

I'm going to try the Cricut gel pens (already have some markers). I have Cri-Kits gels and find they oftentimes don't complete their drawing, kind of like they've run out of ink, which they haven't. I use them mostly to draw what would be the intricate cut on an image. So much easier.