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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cuttlebug Inventory and Storage Tips!

I am blessed to have an extensive collection of cutting dies and embossing folders.  
The only mechanical die cutting machine that I use is the "Cuttlebug" by Provocraft.

Having such a large collection of dies and folders caused a problem of not knowing what I have.  I found myself constantly looking through my dies and folders and never finding just the right image that I wanted or needed.  A storage system and inventory guide was necessary to help get the best use of my collection.  I didn't want to spend more money for a storage system, so I began searching through my craft room for a solution.
The two drawer storage unit was purchased at Staples from the clearance department.  The little cabinet is made from a strong, heavy duty product that has withstood the passage of time and use.  Using the ArtBin magnetic case and sheets was the answer to the thin dies such as Spellbinders.
Dividers were made for each die/folder.  The dividers are the front of envelopes that are labeled with the name of the die/folder.  The envelopes are in alphabetical order.  I wrote a large letter in the center of each envelope divider for easy location.
This picture shows both drawers open and example of the envelope divider.  I labeled the dies/folders, too.  I had to buy a new labeling machine!  Should have bought "stock" in the label tape as well!!!
The ArtBin magnet sheet case is used to hold assorted thin metal dies.
There are 18 sheets in the box at the present time.  I lay the dies on the sheets, draw around the dies with a marker, and label each one.

At this point, I have a way to store dies/embossing folders, BUT, I still need a way to remember what I have!
I created an inventory book of all the embossing folder.  The front and back covers are made with decorated and labeled chipboard.  The front and back covers are held in place with 0-rings.  This allows extra pages to be added as needed.
A sheet of cardstock was embossed with each of the folders.  I swiped a dye ink pad over the design for easy viewing.  The samples are labeled and put into plastic photo sheets.  The sheets are added to the 0-rings.

I can now look through the booklet, see the folder that I want/need, then go to the cabinet and find the folder.  The folders are in the cabinet in alphabetical order, which makes finding the correct folder quick and easy!!
Cutting dies are in this little journal that I found at Michael's Craft Store.
A sample of each image was made, glued to the pages, and labeled.
The journal contains approx. 55 pages.  I used front and back of the pages and had plenty of room for all the dies and space to add more!
The dies are in alphabetical order in the cabinet!
Quick and easy to find!

Tip--When using a particular die, take time to cuts multiple colors!
I have a collection of the pieces to use on projects as needed/wanted!

Card measures 4 1/4 inches x 5 inches.
"Flower Pot" cutting die from Provocraft
"Butterfly paper" punch from Martha Stewart
Blue layer "Deckeled Rectangle"

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Vanessa said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Narelle said...

Great organising idea Carolyn! My spellbinder collection needs some storage and I've been looking at the magnetic sheets too! :)

Sara Andrews said...

Fantastic idea!!

I'm one of those who constantly forgets to USE her Cuttlebug.

Erna Kemp said...

Brilliant Carolyn. I have all mine in a flat box and forever have to look for a die which is invariably at the bottom! Thanks for sharing.

Francine said...

I have personally SEEN your extensive (or what you chose to bring to Mania) collection of folders, so I can appreciate the time and effort that went into this. I hope your new organization system works well for you so you can keep producing your amazing cards!