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Philippians 4:4-7 (ESV English Standard Version) Holy Bible
Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let the reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful Butterfly Award!

Thank you MelodyR for the Beautiful Butterfly Award!  I am so honored that you would include me with such wonderful blogs!  Thank you so much!
I will answer the questions and list my choice of blogs later.

Monday, September 26, 2011


I have been this point, my husband will say.."Oh, no!"  However, this time it is a good thing!

If I use the Tim Holtz Rosette dies to fold paper for rosettes...why not, use the die to cut paper for accordian fold projects?  So, after a couple of tries, here is the result..
I cut three strips using my beloved Cuttlebug!  You can use this die with the A plate, B plate, die, paper, B plate.  You will need the 13 inch plates for this project!
Carefully trim off  the decorative edge on one of the strips.  Place this strip in the middle.  Trim very carefully so that the edges meet together snugly.
Starting at one end, carefully line up the strips so that the perforations meet.  Match the edges of the paper and tape the papers together.  Do this so that the edges meet, but do not overlap.
Here is a completed paper ready to be folded.  Please notice on the right side...there is a slight space between the edges.  This is not a good thing!  Be sure all the edges meet.  After I folded this paper, I had to cut away that section because the open edges showed on the folded paper.
Here are 2 samples of the completed Accordian Folded papers.  The papers folded so quickly and no pain to my fingers!  Notice the patterned paper shows not seams at all!  If you look closely, you can see the seams in the solid paper, but when it is used in a project, the seam will not be noticed!

Easy and Painless...Thank you Tim Holtz!  Now would you make a 1/8th inch die? 

Thank you for visiting my blog!
(PS..I know Tim Holtz will NEVER visit my humble blog, but I can always dream!!)

Four Fashionitas and a Dazzle!

I created several cards using the GRAPHICS 45 Series "Fashionistas" paper and stamps.  Then used the Dazzle FABULOUS LADIES STICKERS "Friends are the best Accessories" to create the last card in this group.  All the cards were made from my stash!
I stamped the images from the large stamp on cardstock, embossed with clear embossing powder, and then "fussy cut" each figure out (fussy cut is cutting out the image with scissors). 

I used the Dazzle sticker to create this card.  Pop-dotted the main image and added a black bead trim from Michaels Craft Store.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Accordian Fold Cards!

"She's a Sassy Lady" featured a beautiful Accordian Fold Card today on her blog...

I decided to make my version of the Accordian Fold Card using the ornaments from the Cricut Cartridge "Joys of the Season"!
The most difficult part of making Accordian Fold Cards is the folding!  I used a 1/8th inch fold for the accordian.  It is tough to crease paper at 1/8th inch!

Step one...
Using the Martha Stewart Score Board, I creased the light weight paper with a bone folder every 1/4th inch.  Then turned the paper over and creased every 1/8th inch.  This makes the paper fold easier.
Step 2
Using my Gypsy, I cut several ornaments from the Cricut Cartridge "Joys of the Season" at 3 inches on my E2 electronic cutter.  I cut ornaments with the images and solid ornaments.  I cut this set of images two times.  One will be the front of the ornament, the other will be the back of the ornament.
Step 3
I want to cover the front of the "wreath" ornament with glitter.  I am using Martha Stewart "Snow" glitter.  I have covered the top of the ornament with painters tape to prevent the glitter from sticking to the surface.
Step 4
I will be using a sheet of Sticky Dots from Therm o Web to cover the surface to hold the glitter.  This adhesive is very sticky and strong.
The adhesive comes in a pack of 8 sheets (approx 9x12 inches).  Each "sheet" is made up of a top cover, layer of adhesive, and bottom cover.
To use, you peel back the top sheet, place the image on the sticky surface, lay the top sheet back down, and rub to adhere the sticky to the surface. 

When ready to use, peel away the paper backing and cover with glitter.  The back of the image will be placed on the folded paper later.
Step 5
Create the card.  I am using a folded 4 1/2 inches X 6 inches card that will fit an A6 envelope.
*Cut a separate card front at 4 1/2 inches X 6 inches
*Cut 1 large frame (I used a Nestabillity frame). Position the cut frame in the center of the card allowing a larger margin at the bottom.  Adhere to the card front.
*Glue ribbon or trim to the bottom of the card front, folding the ends to the back
*Glue the card front to front of the card base
*Open the card base, using a craft knife and cutting mat, carefully cut out the inside of the frame.  Cut through both layers of the card front

Step 6
Create the ornament by cutting the folded paper to fit between the  two images.  Glue the second image to the back. Remove the painters tape and color the top of the ornament.  Attach a ribbon to the top of the ornament.  Create a hanger,  then hang the ornament over a brad (centered at the top of the card front), fold the brad down to secure the ornament.  The brad is visible on the back of the card front base.  This will allow the person receiving the card to remove the ornament, if desired.
I used an 18KT Gold Leafing Pen to color the tops.
Step 7
To complete the inside of the card, I colored the top of a solid ornament, stamped "Merry Christmas" and glued it where the ornament would hang when closed.  I left space at the bottom of the solid ornament for signing the card.
Step 8
I finished the front of the card by stamping "Santa & Reindeer" (All Night Media, inc) 3 times on Vellum.  I cut each image out and pop-dotted them on top of each other.
Something different...
I decided to use fabric on the cup.  I used a piece of fabric with a "Wonder Under" backing.  Before folding, I removed the paper backing.  The fabric held it shape when folded much easier!  I "folded" the fabric and stapled it together.  Then sandwiched it between the two images.  I glued a piece of gray paper to the back of the image for the vapor.
*The back of the fabric was actually really pretty!  It looked like a lighter version of the front, so I let the unfinished back show!
Here is a close up of the cup made from fabric...
And the finished card...
Here is the finished Poinsetta Card...
The folded paper for the Poinsetta Card is red gift wrap.  The back was white, so I glued two pieces together, back to back, to have a red poinsetta on the back side of the ornament.  The paper is so thin that it fit together easily.
Christmas Wreath Card

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paper Quilling...A collection of cards!

This is a collection of cards that I made with Paper Quilling.  I am not very creative when it comes to designing quilled cards, so I card-lift!  I have given credit where credit is due on the original creator of these cards.
I created this card using stamped images and then heat embossed with clear embossing powder.  The grass is torn paper.
**Original Designer...not sure where the card idea originated.  My best guess is
Close-up of the crow!

"Bluebird of Happiness"  The background papers are handmade.  The card is large and would need extra postage.  Notice how the green strips are used as stems.
**Original Designer...from the gallery of
Close-up of the bluebird!

"White on Red"  The flowers are created on waxed paper, popped off the waxed paper, and glued on the card front with a clear craft glue.  Note the green strips for branches.
**Original Designer...from the gallery of
Close-up of the flower!

"Mother's Day Quill Card"  This is a card front only.  I have not created the card yet.  There is a variety of paper strip widths.  This give the card interest and texture.
**Original Designer...Jenny Pearce
Close-up of flower and leaves!

"Singing Birds"  This is another card front.  Notice the musical notes created by quilling.  The bird beaks are tiny triangles!
**Original Designer...Renee Guest
Close-up of robin!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my cards!  Your comments are appreciated more than you know!  Thank you for looking!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paper Quilling and "Joys of the Season"

Before I post an ornament that was made using an image from the Cricut Cartridge "Joys of the Season".   I want to tell you about a Paper Quilling class I taught today.  I had 5 ladies in the class.  The class was for beinning paper quilling and the focus was cutting paper strips, coiling, shaping, and creating a simple flower.  This is the finished flower from one of my students...
I think she did a wonderful job!

When I got home after the class, I thought...Cricut images...the negative images are perfect for using paper quilling coils!  I had a collection of white (and shades of white) coils that I made in the past years.  I cut the angel image from the Cricut Cartridge "Joys of the Season" and began manipulating the coils to fit the negative space.  The angel image is cut at 6 inches.

Here is the finished project...
Supplies needed for project...
*prepared quilling coils
*waxed paper
*strong, tacky clear glue
*tooth pick
*craft tweezers
*negative Cricut image (the larger the better)
*gold marker and gold ribbon
*gold cardstock
*quilling tool and white paper strips to create specific coils to complete the project
1.  Lay the Cricut image on a sheet of waxed paper
2.  Make a "puddle" of glue in one corner of the waxed paper sheet.  Use the toothpick to apply glue to the coil.  I found these "brush" toothpick several years ago.  They are wonderful for this project.
3.  Choose paper quilling coils to fit the curves and corners of the image.  Shape the coils to fit.  I found that if I glued the coils in place and let the glue dry, I could come back and push the coils back inside the image and add more glue.  This makes clean lines on the finished image.
4.  As you place the shaped coil on the waxed paper inside the lines of the image, put a fine layer of glue on the bottom and the edges of the coil.  Hold in place for a few seconds until the glue sets.
5.  I had to make several "peg" coils to fill in the space around the larger coils.  Use a 3 inch strip of paper to create the tiny coils.
6.  The gold shoes are "pegs" made from gold Stampin' Up cardstock.  The trumpet are two strips cut and curled, then glued together and attached to the waxed paper.
7.  Color the top portion of the ornament with gold marker.  Add gold trim around the edges of the ornament.
8.  Trim away the excess waxed paper.
9.  When held up to the light, the angel is translucent!
10. To finish the ornament.  Cut a reverse image, color with the gold marker and adhere to the backside...or...cut a solid ornament and adhere to the backside!  Your choice!
11.  Tie a gold ribbon around the top of the ornament and add some type of hanger.

Thank you for looking at my project!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paper Rosettes by Sizzix

My local scrapbook store owner told me about the Sizzix Paper Rosette Dies.  They sounded interesting, so I ordered a set.
There are 3 dies in the set.  One die has the pattern for the rosettes.  The other dies have flower layers.  The dies can be used in the Cuttlebug.  I used the same "sandwich" as the regular Cuttlebug dies...A plate, B plate, die, paper, B plate.  The dies cut beautifully!
Here are the images that are cut using the dies.  To create a rosette, it is necessary to cut at least three of the rosette patterns.  Notice there is a rounded rosette and a sharp-pointed rosette.
I cut multiples of three for each of the rosettes.  I used 1/8 inch Tacky Tape to hold the ends together.
Then overlaped the ends and secured with the tape.
I pressed the joined strips together and formed the rosette.  I secured the rosette by gluing the rosette to the flower layers included with the die set.
Here are six rosettes that I made using red, green, and yellow cardstock.  I used brads to decorate the center of each rosette.

To create the sentiment on one of the cards, I stamped the sentiment twice.  Once on yellow paper, the other on white paper.  I cut out the white sentiment and glued it over the yellow.
This is a  card using a train engine brad as the rosette center.  A black gel pin is used to create the stitches. The embossed paper was made by using the Cuttlebug folder "Argyle".
The next card was made by using a pair of scissors as the center of the rosette.  The same colors and cardstock was used for this card.  The sentiment was created the same as above.  Twine is used to hold the sentiment in place.

All the rosettes and the cards were made using my stash of supplies!