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Philippians 4:4-7 (ESV English Standard Version) Holy Bible
Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let the reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

16 Musical Tags of Christmas!

Recently, 16 designers from the "She's a Sassy Lady" blog participated in a Christmas Tag Swap. The tags are so lovely that I decided to keep the tags and create an album.  As I admired the tags, a Christmas song or carol would come to mind with each one.  This became the theme of the album!

It was a challenge to create an album that would close and not be TOO BULKY.  I found this chipboard set at Michaels Craft Store.  With modifications, it worked very well.

The outside cover is created with an assortment of crafty goodness.  
The background paper is blue textured cardstock by Recollections.  
The snowflakes are a Martha Stewart paper punch.  
The musical score is a Sizzix die.  
The gift punch and tag punch are by Fiskars.  
The snowflake border punch is from Martha Stewart.
The tag swap was sponsored by "She's a Sassy Lady" Blog and "thebugbytes" Blog.  Thank you Shelia and Pam for another excellent job!

Inside the album cover and the back cover is decorated with cardstock from DCWV.
The beautiful handmade card was made by Pam R and sent with the tags.

All the tags are in clear plastic bags.  The front and back of each tag is visible.
"Away in a Manger"
Tag #1--created by Carolyn Lineberger
Tag is located at the bottom right.
Click on the link to see the tag and how it was created
"Frosty the Snowman"
Tag #2--created by Shelia
Tag is located at the bottom left
"Santa Claus is Comin' to Town"
Tag #3--created by Pam R
Tag is located on the bottom left
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
Tag #4--created by Lori Apgar
Tag is located in the bottom left
"Over the River and Through the Woods"
Tag #5--created by Denine
Tag is located in the bottom left
"We Three Kings of Orient Are"
Tag #6--created by Felisa
Tag is located in the bottom left
"Jingle Bells"
Tag #7--created by Jennifer
Tag is located in the bottom left
"Parade of the Wooden Soldiers"
Tag #8--created by Abby
Tag is located in the bottom left
"I'll Be Home For Christmas"
Tag #9--created by Java Jen
Tag is located in the bottom left
"The Night Before Christmas"
Tag #10--created by Evelyn
Tag is located in the bottom right
"O Christmas Tree"
Tag #11--created by Charlotte C
Tag is located in the bottom left
"A Holly Jolly Christmas"
Tag #12--created by Taylor
Tag is located in the bottom left
"Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas"
Tag #13--created by Donna Lee
Click on the YouTube link to see how Donna created her tag
Tag is located in bottom left
"Up on the Housetop"
Tag #14--created by Amy
Tag is located in bottom left
"It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas"
Tag #15--created by Lisa
Tag is located in bottom right
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
Tag #16--created by Leslie
Tag is located in bottom left

I am the designer on "She's a Sassy Lady" today.  Please visit!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Little Face Time with Luke!

Grandma Carolyn and Luke spend the morning playing!  What a special time it was!  Luke smiled and tried his best to 'talk'!  This was quality 'Face Time'!!
Forget rattles, squeaky toys, or crinkly sounds!  Luke loves music!  He calms down immediately when he hears music...of any kind!  He is watching and listening to "Super Simple Songs...Jingle Bells"
He is reacting to the little snowman as he watches and listens to "Super Simple Songs...Snowflakes are Falling"

Photo: Suppertime!
Luke uses a gtube for the majority of his feedings.
This is the tube and extension that is used.  Luke
is so patient and sweet when we connect the 
extension for each feeding.  He is taking part of
his feedings by mouth with a bottle.  The process is long and
slow, but there is progress!  We thank God for our
little precious boy!

Photo: Chillin out in my Bumbo at grandma's.
Luke needs support for his head.  This
little chair, Bumbo, helps Luke to sit
straight and observe the world around
him.  We have tried to put him back
in the chair since this picture was taken.
He doesn't really want to sit in it again!
We will not give up!  He will sit in it again!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Tag 2013

In November I participated in a Christmas Tag swap with the designers on "She's a Sassy Lady" Blog.  I am a designer for the blog and post at least once a month.  This is the tag that I created for the swap.  There were 16 participants in the swap.  All the following pictures will have multiples of the pieces.
Here are the instructions for creating the tag:
1 piece     3 1/8 inches x 6 1/4 inches (dark blue textured) card stock
1 piece     2 6/8 inches x 5 1/2 inches (tan textured) card stock
1 piece     2 6/8 inches x 5 1/8 inches (tan textured) card stock
1 piece     2 inches x 5 1/8 inches smooth (tan) card stock
I found this textured card stock on the clearance shelves at Michael's Craft Store.  It was so inexpensive that I bought three packages.  I wasn't sure if I would like the paper, but the colors were so dark and rich that I decided to take a chance.  Well, this paper is wonderful!  It has a beautiful texture that perfect for so many projects.  I went back to Michael's a couple of weeks later.  There were several packages still on the shelves.  I bought them all!
OK...back to my tag!!
Find center of the end of the 3 1/8 inches x 6 1/4 inches piece
Measure 3/4 inch from top edge (marked with white Gel Pen)
Punch hole
Round corners
Round corners of ONE end of the 2 6/8 inches x 5 1/2 inches piece
Stamp one image (from the set of two stamps) on the piece that has just be rounded.
(I used a quick drying black ink on the textured paper.  Be sure the stamp is completely covered in ink.  I used a mouse pad under the paper when stamping.  I stood up and applied extra pressure for several seconds.  This helped the ink adhere to the paper and form a lovely finished image.)
"Nativity Card" stamp set by Stampendous.
Ink edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink "Faded Jeans"
Star is colored with Tim Holtz Distress Marker "Mustard Seed"
Halo is colored with "Clear Star" Gel Pen
Stamp the second musical score image on the 2 6/8 inches x 5 1/8 inches
(Use the same procedure as given above)
Ink edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink "Faded Jeans"
A little surprise on the tag!
The smooth tan card stock (2 inches x 5 1/8 inches) is used as an insert in the back of the tag.  I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink "Antique Linen" and "Faded Jeans" to create the background for the insert.
The insert is stamped with "To" and "From" using the "Everyday Expressions" set by Paper Studio.  The message stamp is "Precious Bundle" by Stampendous.  The insert is now  ready to be hidden in the back of the tag....
I am making multiples of the tag.  Everything is assembled and ready to be put together.  I am using a variety of ribbon that I have on hand.  After the tags are complete, I will trim the ribbon to the size that I want.
Glue the front of the tag to the blue piece.  Line up the right edge.  I use Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive on the tag.  The textured card stock holds best with glue.  I find that double sided tape pulls the layers apart on the paper and the pieces separate.
Turn the tag over and glue the back section.  Line up the left edge on the back.  Please note where I put the glue on the back piece.  This allows room for the insert to be put into the tag.  Be sure to put the glue on the very edge of the paper.  Be careful!  Too much glue and you will have it coming out the edges when you put the pieces together.  Also, be sure to put glue all the way to the ends or they will separate when the insert is put in place.
The insert is tucked safely into the back of the tag.  These tags are ready for the ribbon!
A gold poinsettia was added.
Use the 3 smaller dies from Sizzix "Layered Poinsettia" die set.
Layers are held together with a gold brad.
Green leaf is a die cut from my stash.
Gold glitter paper is from DCWV
Christmas Tag 2013
(front and back)

Sneak Peek!!
I have created an album of all the tags that I received.
On Wednesday, December 18, I will post on "She's a Sassy Lady" Blog.
I will open the album and show you all the beautiful tags!!

To help you wait, here is a link from 2012

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Little Christmas Magic!

Luke is 3 months and 9 days old!  He now weighs 8 lbs 2 oz!  He loves to look at bright lights and has started sucking his thumb!  What a joy this little one is to our family!  We look forward to every milestone!  Luke has come a long way since his birth on August 31, weighing 3 lbs 6 ozs.  Our family is thankful to God for His decision to place this beautiful little boy in our family.  We are blessed!
Luke's first Christmas Tree at Grandma and Grandpa Lineberger's house!  He is enthralled with all the lights!
Luke reached out and took Sleepy Bear's paw!  He loves the music from this delightful little musical bear!  But, like the pacifier, it will put him to sleep in a jiffy!
Luke has found his thumb!  This was the first time that Grandma and Grandpa saw him search and find his thumb!  There was a lot of sucking going on!!!
Luke and his dad, Daniel!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Using Negative Space to create Christmas Cards!

I am the featured designer on She's a Sassy Lady Blog  
Please follow the link to see how this card was created!

Footnote....Luke is home!
5 pounds 6+ounces!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Blessing at the Kroger Checkout!

I never know when God has a special blessing for me!  When I am standing in line at the grocery store, my thoughts are usually not about what is happening around me.  I am thinking about getting the groceries home, family situations, or what we are going to have for our next meal.

Yesterday was different.  When I came to the check-out, there was a senior adult lady with very few items in her buggy.  She had been standing at the cash register for a while and had a stack of dollars in her hand.  Apparently she had paid for a few groceries, and was now counting out the money for 4 or 5 large packages of adult diapers.  In the buggy in front of me were four items.  My thought was that someone had left the buggy to get something else to purchase.  No one came for the buggy.  Then I realized the buggy was for the lady ahead of me.

The cashier told the lady that her diaper purchase was for $64. plus cents.  The lady took a large package of toilet tissue out of the buggy and bought it as well as the diapers.  Then I heard her tell the cashier to put the other three items, a loaf of bread, a bottle of dish washing detergent, and a package of bath soap, back.  She could not pay for these items.

I looked in my loaded buggy and realized that a few more items would not make much difference in my total bill.  My buggy was loaded with items that we needed, but a lot of items were not essential.  This lady needed her bread and soap.  I told the lady if she could wait just a few moments, I would include her items with mine.

The lady thanked me with such a sweet spirit.  I asked her about the adult diapers.  She said she had a brother with Downs Syndrome.  Enough said!!  It brought tears to my eyes as I patted her on the shoulder.

Here is my blessing!  Before she left the store, the lady came to me, thanked me again, and then hugged me!  So, if you were in a busy Kroger store yesterday and saw two ladies from different races hugging each know the story!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick and Quirky Cards!

The holidays will be here before you know it!  Now is the time that I create Christmas cards for the season.  Life at the Lineberger house is very busy and exciting!  We are celebrating the birth of our first grandchild, Luke.  Luke was born premature and is currently in the hospital gaining weight and growing!  I can't begin to think how busy we will be when he gets to come home!  So, creating quick and easy cards are important!
Deciding on the design of a card takes a long time for me!  I look at magazines and the internet to get ideas.  I am not sure how I finally decide on the design.  It seems the card takes a life of its own.  I have gathered a collection of items that I would like to use for this year's card.
These gift tags were purchased at Joann's Craft Store at the end of the holiday season last year.  They were 90% off!  I bought several packages.  I love the quirky images!  I knew I wanted to incorporate these in the design.
I recently found this textured cardstock at Michael's Craft Store on the clearance rack.  The paper has a wonderful texture! This paper will be used as the bottom layer of the card.
The next layer will be embossed paper.  Last month, I embossed several sheets of paper to be used on projects.  I will be using an assortment of the embossed sheets on the cards.  An over-all design will be best.  The design doesn't have to have a 'holiday' theme.  I will use whatever is available.
This photo shows the layers of the card.  The stack is of coordinating paper, tags, and fibers ready to be assembled together.  The cards are created using kraft paper cards and envelopes from Michael's Craft Store.

I create an assembly line with all the layers.  Everything is adhered to the bottom layer, then glued to the basic card front.

Card and envelope----5 inches x 7 inches---brown kraft paper
Bottom Layer-----4 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches---textured cardstock
Middle layer-----3 6/8 inches x 5 3/4 inches---embossed cardstock
Small layer-----2 1/4 inches x 3 1/4 inches---textured cardstock (used to frame the tag)
Label Strip-----1 inch x 3 1/2 inches---textured cardstock (used to frame the sentiment)
Fiber, ribbon, lace, etc------25 inches
Letting the glue dry!
I used liquid glue on all the cards.  The textured and embossed paper doesn't work well with double sided tape.  Glue holds the best!
Card Front---everything is adhered to the bottom layer, then glued to the basic card
Bottom layer-----textured cardstock
Middle layer-----embossed cardstock
Small layer---textured cardstock to layer to tag embellishment
Strip---textured cardstock to layer the sentiment
Fiber is secured on the back with tape.

The completed card front is glued to the front of the 5 inch x 7 inch card.
Inside card
Bottom layer-----4 1/2 inches x 7 inches
Textured cardstock
Top layer-----3 3/4 inches x 6 1/2 inches
Cardstock, suitable for stamping/writing
Cards and envelopes ready for addressing!
More cards!

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