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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Crop and a Tour!

Yesterday was a busy day at our house!  Two of my paper crafting friends came for a full day of cropping (with entertainment)!  More about the entertainment later in this post!

Sandy and Cheryl are busy creating their first "Cascading Card"!  They are making a sample card with directions from an earlier post.  For directions and photos about making the card, please visit this link...  

Sandy is adding layers to the card.  

Sandy brought a Cricut Expression that was purchased at Michaels Craft Store for $50.00!  She was told the machine worked but it 'shimmed' when it cut.  I am not sure what that meant because Sandy had never taken the machine out of the box and tried to cut with it.  She thought I might be able to 'fix' the machine.  She was happy either way, because the cartridges, "Accent Essentials" and "Plantain Schoolbook"  were part of the deal!  These are worth $50...easily!

I plugged in the machine, set all the dials, loaded the mat, and pressed 'cut'.  It worked...well, almost!  It did everything, but cut!!  I tried several settings, but the machine would not cut.  So, I updated the machine through Cricut Craft Room  ...and like worked!!  My friend, Sandy, is a happy paper crafter!  She now has 2 great cartridges and a working Cricut Expression for $50!  Don't you just love a great deal!!  If you look closely at the first photo, you will see the Expression on the counter!

Cheryl is working on the base of the card.

Cheryl is not only my paper crafting buddy, but also my choir buddy!  She and I sing alto in the Celebration Choir and Singing Saints Choir at our church, Bethlehem Baptist Church  Cheryl enjoys cutting words and phrases with her Cricut!

Now for the entertainment!
Sandy waves from the back seat!

My husband has two antique cars!  The entertainment was a 'tour' around the community in his 1927 Ford Model T!  Joe's other car is a 1929 Ford Model A.  However, not only does he love to drive this car the best, it is the most reliable!!  I believe it would crank when all our other Fords couldn't!!
Cheryl smiles from the back seat!

Thank you for visiting my blog today!  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cricut Cartridge "Pooh Font", Cricut Markers and Gel Pens!

I am the featured designer on "She's a Sassy Lady" Blog today!  I will be showing the steps for using the Cricut Markers and Gel Pens with the Cricut Expression and Gypsy as a tutorial.
She's a Sassy Lady!  (will post at 6:30 AM Central/7:30 AM Eastern)
I was recently gifted with two Disney cartridges.  Today's post uses the Disney Cartridge "Pooh Font".  There are 3 different fonts and several images of Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Tigger, and Piglet as infants.  I have created the images using the Cricut Expression, Cricut Gypsy, Cricut Markers and Gel Pens.  This post shows the steps used to create images using the markers and pens.
The cartridge was linked to the Cricut Gypsy.  All the layers of each image were placed together on a 12x12 design mat.  The images were enlarged until all the space was used.
The blade holder was removed and a Cricut Marker was installed in the machine.  The images were drawn on card stock.  There are suggested speed, pressure, and depth numbers to be used with the Cricut Markers,  but I used the numbers that were suggested for the card stock.
After the images were drawn, I put a piece of scrap paper under the marker.  The marker was removed and the blade holder was installed.  The piece of scrap paper prevented stray marks on the paper.
To use the markers and pens with the Expression and Gypsy, it is very important the mat does not unload until the images have been drawn and cut.  After the drawing is complete, choose 'RETURN TO DESIGN'.  This will take the screen back to the 'cut' screen.  Change out the marker for the blade.  Then press the 'cut' image again.
If all steps have been completed, the blade will return to beginning of the images.  Press the 'cut' blade and the images will be cut!
These images were cut using the Cricut Markers.
Follow the same steps for the Cricut Gel Pens.  
These pens have a holder.  The pens are magnetized and slip inside the holder.  The holder is inserted into the housing.
 These images were drawn with the Gel Pens.  Notice that I have cut all the layers from the same color card stock.  
To create the colored layers, I return to the original Gypsy screen and remove the larger images.  I leave the images that need to be cut from colored paper. The colored paper is put on the mat to match the screen.   I manipulate the images for ease in cutting out the small pieces.**Important Tip**...Don't save this screen, unless you rename it!!  If this screen is saved without renaming, it will erase the full screen of all the layers.
This photo shows Pooh before the layers are adhered together.  Using all the layers gives depth to the image.
Friends waiting to be finished!
The top layer of the image has all the layers of the image.  The bottom layer is attached with dimensional foam tape.  Notice the shine on the image.  Before attaching the bottom layer, both pieces were laminated using the Provocraft "Your Story".**Tip** The "Your Story" laminating machine did not laminate the top layered piece very well.  I had to use glue dots to adhere the plastic to the image.  There doesn't seem to be enough pressure or heat to fuse the piece with layers.  However, the bottom, single layer piece laminated very well.
The image on the left was created using the Cricut Gel Pens.  The image on the right was created using the Cricut Markers.
Pen used on left, marker used on the right!
Pooh Bear and friends waiting to play!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Before and After...Decorating on a Dollar! Part 2

Click this link for Part 1...

Breakfast area...Before...
The valance is created from the bottom of the drapery panel that I used to make the living room window treatments.  The lower curtains were two drapery panels that I cut in half and hemmed on both ends.  The table and six chairs are a family hand-me-down!  The picture is from Cash Liquidators ($10)
Another view
This is one of my favorite pictures!  My husband is signing his part of the offer on the house.  Our real estate agent is assisting!  Cyndi was fabulous throughout this purchase!  We were so blessed to have her as our agent.  She was with us every step of the way and beyond...
The kitchen is very small, but absolutely a delight to use!  It is a walk-through kitchen!  We had to purchase a new refrigerator.  We found what we needed at Lowe's...on sale of course!!
We added the microwave cabinet to create additional space on the counter. The toaster oven fit perfectly under the microwave.   The tall cabinet and microwave cabinet are from IKEA Atlanta.
Laundry Area...Before
This space is at the door into the garage.  Not the best place for washing clothes, but it will do!
We purchased a new washer and dryer from Lowe's...again...on sale!
The cabinets are from IKEA Atlanta.  The ironing board and iron are from Cash Liquidators ($10 each)!  A word of caution, when choosing an iron and ironing board from CL, be sure to test it first!  Remember, these items have been used.  I am happy with my purchase.  We haven't finished the laundry area yet.  It is a work in progress!

This picture is especially for my sister, Ruth.  She gave us 6 chairs to use as needed.  I found fabric at Joann's Craft Store to cover the seats of the these chairs.  The colors are a perfect match for the curtains!

Now for my space....
I love to make cards!  I would not be happy in this house if there wasn't a place for my paper crafting hobby.  The work table ($79) and chair ($59) are from Cash Liquidators.  In their previous life, they were in a hotel room!  The wooden magazine rack was $5 at a thrift store.  The flowered holder is a box that I covered with paper.  It holds 12 x 12 card stock.
The plastic drawer unit is from Walmart.  There is a cabinet that I want from IKEA, but that will have to come later!
Storage is at a premium!  Embellishments and stickers are labeled and stored in this photo box from Michael's Craft Store.
This box holds embossed and die cut images.
I brought an assortment of cutting dies from home and spent a couple of afternoons cutting various shapes in lots of colors.
I did the same thing with embossing folders.
I have a stash to use with my projects!
My chair is calling me....come play with paper!!

Furnishing and decorating this house is a labor of love.  We haven't finished every room.  I will post more of our decorating adventures as they are completed!  I can't wait to show you the upstairs bedroom that my daughter is decorating!  It is going to be beautiful!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Before and After--Decorating on a Dollar!

My husband and I recently bought this house as a second home.  Our son and his wife are expecting a little boy in October!  We live several hours away.  We purchased this house to have a place to visit for extended periods of time.  After purchasing the house, we were faced with furnishing it.  We were challenged to fill the house without spending ourselves into debt!!  This post is to share what we did to create a living space by decorating as inexpensively as possible!

Living Room...Before and After!
The before pictures were taken on our first visit to the house before we purchased it.  The pictures were taken to show the features of the house...the people are just for fun!!!
I begin with curtains and draperies!  You are looking at a pile of draperies that we purchased from 
684 Indian Springs Drive
Forsyth, Georgia
This is a warehouse that 'sells top quality hotel furniture from 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts from across the country.  No frills, no fuss, true ware house shopping!'
This is a great place to shop for excellent quality (slightly used) hotel furniture at a FABULOUS price!!  Dress comfortably, there is no air conditioning and the warehouse is huge!  Bring a truck or very large probably will not go away without buying something!!
After...The draperies are from Cash Liquidations.  One lined panel ($10.00 each) was large enough to cover one window.  I cut the drapery panel and lining down the middle and hemmed the edges. The drapery panel was too long for the window, so I cut the bottom off and machine hemmed it.  I saved the bottom section for another project! Top pleats and hooks were included!!  The chair and TV stand were family hand-me-downs!
Another window using the hotel drapery panel!  The large picture over the fire place was $10 (Cash Liquidations CL)!  The smaller items were brought from home!  The lamps, $10 each from CL.  We did have to buy a few pieces of furniture.  The coffee table was from... 
Another warehouse shopping experience...totally different!  All the furniture is in boxes and you have to put it together!  However, we found this coffee table in the clearance area, already put together!  Another great bargain for our house!
When visiting IKEA, dress comfortably, bring a large vehicle, and plan to spend hours shopping!
The couch and chair are new from...
Great price...both pieces were a set!!

After...Leather recliner was a family hand-me-down!  Sofa throw was $5 at a thrift store!

Before...Master Bedroom
After...I'm sorry it is so dark!
The king size headboard is from CL ($79), Lamps $10 each (CL), side tables from (CL), drapery panels ($19 each) CL.
One drapery panel was cut down the middle, hemmed and used for a window.  These drapery panel had 'black out' liners.  I removed the liner and used the fabric only.  The liner was not in very good condition and was very heavy.  The sheer curtain and drapery fabric works fine for this room.  The barrel chair and floor lamp is from CL.
The chest of drawers is from CL ($99).  The piece if extremely heavy.  The drawers glide in and out, but the top is slightly damaged.  The mirror and lamp is from CL.
Note the long wooden box on top of the dresser.  It is from World Market.  The box is used to hold various electronic devices that need to be charged.  The box hides a surge protector with small holes for the cords to come through.  Neat device to keep cords and devices in one place!  I got it on clearance for $10!
I really must close from now!  Please come back tomorrow to see what we have done with the kitchen!

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