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Friday, August 30, 2013

Stickers, Heartfelt Creations, and Spellbinders...A Christmas Card!

Christmas and the Holiday Season will be here before I know it!  This will be a busy time of year for our family!  We are expecting a grandson in October, so getting a head start on Christmas cards is necessary!  I created this card using scraps, leftovers, and some long-forgotten stickers!
Spellbinders cutting die "Deckle Rectangle", Heartfelt Creations Spellbinders cutting die "Decorative Window" and a sheet of stamps are the main components of the card.
The card is from Michaels Craft Store.  I cut a square of white cardstock to cover the front of the card.  I will cut through both layers on the front of the card to create an opening that is slightly smaller than the 'window' cutting die.
The white cardstock has been glued to the front of the premade card.
Tip...I attached the cutting die to the front of the card with clear tape.  The tape is on the center piece that will be cut out and the edge of the cutting die.  This holds the die in place as the paper and cutting die are turn through the Cuttlebug.
The front of the card now has a 'window'!
A second piece of white cardstock is cut to fit the inside of the card.  The round sticker will be adhered to the inside of the card so that it shows through the 'window'.
The Heartfelt Creations Spellbinders die "Decorative Window" is cut twice.
Adhesive foam dots are used to attach the 'frame' to the front of the card.  Tip...cut the circles of foam tape into smaller pieces to fit the curves/edges of the 'frame'.  Layer the frame over the 'window' on the front of the card.
Side view of card front to show how the two images were attached with foam tape.  This gives depth and interest to the front of the card.
Front of card
Before the scene sticker is adhered to the inside of the card, I moved the scene around until I liked what I saw through the window.
When I was satisfied with the placement, I adhered to sticker to the white cardstock that had been glued to the inside of the card.
I wanted 'Merry Christmas' on the inside of the card, however, it needed to be curved around the circle scene.
I curved the acrylic stamp along the edge of a round stamp block.  This is not as easy as seems!  The stamp kept falling off the block!  So, I got out some stamp 'cling' that I had in my stash and stuck the stamps to the block.  It isn't perfect, but close enough!!
Finished inside of card
I added some snowflakes to balance the sentiment.
The front of the card was finished using the Holly Leaves and Berries paper punch by Martha Stewart.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Friday, August 16, 2013

"Charmed" the Cricut Circle Exclusive 2014 Cartridge---Part 2

In a comment from an earlier post, I was asked about all the images on the 2014 Cricut Circle Exclusive Cartridge "Charmed".  I searched the internet for images from the cartridge and did not the images that I wanted to share.  So, I decided to take pictures of the layers that are shown in the handbook.

Here is a link to the earlier post about the cartridge...

Pages iii and iv
Pages v and vi
Page vii and viii
Pages ix and x
Pages xi and xii
Pages xiii and xiv
Pages xv and xvi
Pages xvii and xviii
Close up-page xviii
Pages xix and xx
Close up-page xix
Close up-page xx
Pages 1 and 2
The first page of the handbook.  This cartridge is full of images!!
Close up
This cartridge uses the new Cricut Universal Overlay.  Notice the overlay image.  It shows where the image button is located on the overlay and the buttons that needed to be used to access the image.

Charmed – 2013-14 exclusive Cricut Circle™ cartridge
Click the link to find out more about the Cricut Circle!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tim Holtz "Distress Inks"...A Newbie!

As usual, I am late to the party!!  I bought these TH Distress Inks several months ago.  They have been in a drawer, unopened and unused!  I recently purchased the tools to use the inks and decided it was time to try the Distress Inks.
*Ranger Inkssentials INK BLENDING TOOL Applicator Foam IBT23616

These sample pieces were made from an instructional video by Tim Holtz from his blog.

I wasn't sure how to use the inks, so I visited the Tim Holtz blog to find a video.  I had to search for the instructional video.  I was given ample opportunity to purchase the inks and tools, but it took a while to find a simple video showing how to use the inks and the tools.  I wish I had bookmarked the video!  I just tried to find it again and couldn't! 

I enjoyed using the inks and tools!  I love the blending effect.  I have decided to limit how many of the blending tools that I will purchase.  So, I have developed a way to store the used pads.
I store the used pad in a small clear plastic jewelry bag.  I printed the name of the ink in tiny letters using my Dymo 'Letra Tag' printer that I purchased from Walmart last fall.  The name of the ink is on the outside of the plastic bag.
The pad are stored with the inks for easy use.  It is a little messy to remove the pads from the plastic bag, but I keep a package of baby wipes near my work space at all times.   A quick wipe and the ink is gone from my fingers!  Please notice the rubber band around each of the ink pads.  The lids come off so easily, I decided to use the bands to prevent the inks from drying out.

By the way...I bought 4 more colors of the ink during my recent visit to Joann's Craft Store!  I would have probably bought another handle, but they were out of stock!  Bummer!
Here is a card that I created using the TH Distress Inks to add interest to the edges of the card and embellishments.  The image was colored by my daughter in Nov 2011!  I stamped and she colored hundreds of images for me.  I devoted a post that month to our day together in my craftroom...
Second card using the TH Distress Inks to add interest!
Final card in the 'Travel' series!  Using TH Distress Inks to add interest!
Just for fun!
Even the protector sheet will be fun to use in a project!


I enjoyed using the TH Blending Tool and Pads so much that I decided to see how they worked with some other inks!
The TH Distress Ink samples can be seen among various other inks that were used.
I found these ColorBox Mixed Media inks on the clearance at a craft store.  I had a 25% off coupon (on everything), so the ink pads were just over a dollar!  I haven't seen the pads since that day.  The lids fall off so easily that I had to use a rubber band on these pads, too.  
The inks work with the Ranger tools, but the colors do not seem to blend as well as the TH Distress Inks.  The lemonade...I got ink pads at a great price!
Do you have any of these multiple color pads?  Well, they work great for a smooth blended finish!
The lemonade...I am using the pads that I purchased years ago!!
I bought these inks at a yard sale for just pennies!  The pads have been in my ink drawer for at least 2 years!  The Lemonade...I have finally found a great use for these pads!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Charmed" the Cricut Circle Exclusive Cartridge is Here!

The Year 4, Cricut Circle Exclusive Cartridge "Charmed" is in the house!  I renewed my membership to the Cricut Circle on Thursday, August 1, and the cartridge came by USPS today, Saturday, August 3!  Wow!  I have never had such quick service!  The cartridge was mailed the day I renewed my membership! to acknowledge what is new about the cartridge!  The packaging is certainly smaller!  The cartridge was just a little 'bump' inside the huge mailing envelope!  I was expecting to have the new Universal Overlay included with the cartridge, but I guess the overlay will be shipped separately.
The clear plastic xbox measures 4 inches x 3 3/4 inches.  It is exactly 1/2 the size of the original cartridge box.  This will allow 2 cartridge boxes to stack!  I wasn't expecting the package to look like this, but it feels good in the hand and does the job!  The cover says that the handbook is included.  Wonder what it will look like!!
I removed the shrink wrap and found the EULA (End User's License Agreement) on a sticker across the opening.  I am suppose to go on line and read the agreement before I open the box.  Well, I already know what it says, and I agree!
This is what I saw when I opened the plastic box.  The handbook is much smaller!  The box seems to be more substantial than the previous plastic boxes.  Notice the cartridge does not have the peel off agreement label.  That was done before I opened the box.
These are pages 59 and 60 in the handbook.  The handbook has fewer pages.  There is no sample project from the cartridge.  The first pages of the handbook show the layers and then each image is shown.  There are a total of 102 pages...all in English!!

This post is all about the packaging of the new Cricut Circle Exclusive Cartridge "Charmed".  The Universal Overlay was not included with the cartridge, so I will link the cartridge to my Gypsy.  As a perk of renewing my Cricut Circle membership, I will be receiving a Universal Overlay as part of the membership fee.  Until then, I will be using my Gypsy to create projects.

Look for another post to show case a project using "Charmed"!!  Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am trying to link the cartridge to my Gypsy (updated today), but having absolutely no all!  The cartridge shows in Cricut Craft Room, but I can't get my cartridge to link to CCR.  I have registered the cartridge at  Looks like a phone call to Provocraft Customer Service on Monday!

Because there isn't a corresponding overlay, I am using the hand book to cut an image using the cartridge and my Expression.  The image is from page 32 in the handbook.  The red heart is a separate cut that is layered over the black heart underneath.
Thank goodness that I can use the cartridge as a 'stand alone' with the Expression.  The handbook has a picture of the overlay, so I can find the image button with the handbook.

In response to a comment, here is a link to all the images on the cartridge...
2014 Cricut Circle Exclusive Cartridge "Charmed"